Winter Dates That Warm the Heart


Carina Leggio, Staff Writer

As the temperature drops, the thirst for cuddle buddies and slow-motion snowball fights only seem to rise amongst teens. Some of your near and dear Bethel High School peers shared some of their ideal winter date ideas:

“Ice-skating, hot-chocolate, and freshly baked cookies!” –Ashley Johnson ‘14

“My perfect winter date: It’s snowing outside, we’ve got some candles lit, we have some hot cocoa, we’re cuddled up under a blanket, and watching some Netflix.” –Vincent Villanueva ‘14

“Getting the world’s best cup of coffee and visiting the Rockefeller Christmas Tree” –Joey Heinemeyer ‘16

“Cuddling by the fire, with some Michael Bolton playing in the background” –Christian Denninger ‘14

“The ideal date would be something simple like making a snowman, and some snow angels, and then we can hang out by the fire and drink some hot cocoa.” –Nick Silva ‘14

“Watch Breaking Bad all day” –Chad Klinefelter ‘14

“Going sledding, and drinking hot cocoa!” –Karen Duffy ‘16

“Watching cheesy Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate, sap, sap, sap” –Kelly Sandberg ‘14