Away for the Holidays


Cassia Mauer, Staff Writer

Though one of the most classic Christmas tunes by Bing Crosby celebrates the phrase, “I’ll be home for Christmas”, it appears that staying home for Christmas so eight decades ago! While some students decided to go further away to Colombia, others found an equally great vacation closer to home in South Carolina.


Kendall Meenan ‘16, knew better than to stay in the cold for the holidays! This past Christmas of 2013, she went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Here, she spends time with friends on the beach beneath the setting sun. On returning to Connecticut, she will definitely miss “riding bikes on the beach because it was so, flat and easy to ride… and the view was beautiful!”


Similarly, Mckenna Leaden, ‘16, also found a great Christmas vacation on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. You can’t blame her; who would resist a day at the beach with family during the holidays? This is something not everyone in the Northeast can have!

Before making any judgements, Eric Pereira ‘15 chose not to take just any picture in front of a church, but an undoubtedly beautiful church in the heart of Medellin! He, along with family, thought of taking his holiday to the most comfortable weather and most magnificent sights to Medellin, Colombia.

And finally, I found no way to resist spending the holidays in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, with family. Contrary to the peaceful image being portrayed, visiting such a wonderful place means paying the price on the streets; they are not as peaceful as you would think; especially here in Barra da Tijuca.