Winter “Do”s and “Don’t”s


Dana Fotheringham, Journalism Student

Winter can be a fun time, though not if you ignore these “dos” and “don’ts” of winter.

As Lauren Lempereur ‘15 and Mckenna Leaden ‘16 say, “DO stay warm!” Also, James Hemphill ‘17 says “DON’T wear shorts and DO drink hot drinks!” Lempereur also adds, “Don’t forget to moisturize and carry Chapstick wherever you go!”

There are many things to do and many not to do during winter. Sara Conroy ‘15 says, “DON’T get caught alone under the mistletoe and DO play in the snow.” Daniela Lima ‘15 says, “DO ski but DON’T leave your dog out in the cold!”  Sean-Hector Toland-Matos ‘16 says, “DO help your family shovel, and DON’T forget to watch out for the ice.”

Onto Christmas and holiday related do’s and don’ts, Thomas Carraturro ‘16 says “DO watch Christmas movies, and DON’T forget to spend time with your family.” Viana Van ‘15 says, “DO spend time with your friends, and DON’T buy gifts at the last minute” Plus, Aaron Bell ‘15 says, “DO take a picture with Santa, and DON’T be a Christmas grinch”.

On winter fashion, there are “dos” and “don’ts” that can make your winter  ‘fashion-forward’. Shannon Flanagan ‘16 says, “DO wear infinity scarves.”Jenny Eaton ‘15 states, “DO wear comfy flannel shirts,” while Allee Feurman ‘16 advises, “DO layer, and DON’T wear flats when there’s snow or ice.”

All in all, these winter do’s and don’ts are valuable advice to get through the winter unscathed.