10 Apps to Keep Your New Years Resolutions


Colton Zuvich, Staff Writer

Chances are you probably already forgot about your new years resolutions. And the numbers don’t lie, according to a Statistic Brain research study only 8% of people follow through with their goals. Basically, we’re terrible at keeping to our promises.

These are a collection of free and paid apps that everyone can download to keep those initial goals. Keep in mind that although these are developed for iOS devices there are Android and Windows phone alternatives.

Work Smarter

Mailbox (Free)- Most unwarranted anxiety from one’s daily workflow usually stems from a cluttered inbox. However, Mailbox looks to solve this problem by allowing one to postdate e-mails to return at a different time. Voila! Inbox zero.

Get in Shape

Fitocracy (Free)- This social network looks to showcase fitness, in the format of a game. One can track workouts, and unlock achievements to level up. On the social side, you can connect to other members of the same fitness ability for motivation, and more importantly accountability.

Relax More

Pocket Yoga ($2.99)- To achieve a mental-like nirvana in one’s busy life is most easily done with daily yoga routines. This app includes 27 different sessions of varying difficulties, and time durations, to ensure you can squeeze the practice in one’s schedule.

Learn a New Language

Duolingo (Free)- If formal language classes aren’t helping to ingrain a new language try this app. Duolingo, guides you through a series of activities covering a multitude of 10 minute lessons on nearly every subject. Plus, all of the activities are free and without ads.Keep in mind the app doesn’t teach formal conjugation, instead focusing on conversational speaking.

Better Habits

Everest (Free)- For whatever your resolutions were, this app will allow you to catalog all of your personal goals, and set daily reminders to keep you on track. Plus, when you get stuck you can ask other members questions, or see how they’re progressing on their goals.

Keep a Journal

Day One ($4.99)- This micro-journaling app will allow one to keep a personal progress journal. It makes cataloging one’s life as simple as tweeting, so you’ll probably do it. Whether it’s used for your goals or just as a personal diary, being able to peer through your past can give you much more insight for the future. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

Take Better Notes

Evernote (Free)- This is the best place to store all of your thoughts and assignments rather than in multiple cluttered apps. Store text, photo, voice, and reminder notes. Users can organize their saved ideas using tags, notebooks, time, and location data. You’ll really “remember everything.”

Get More Sleep

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock ($0.99)- To try and make waking up a little less painful than it already is, simply place your phone on your bed. Utilizing your phone’s accelerometer the app can track when you enter deep vs. lighter sleep. In addition, using a 30 minute window of time the app can intelligently wake you at when you’re in the lightest period of your sleep cycle.

Procrastinate Less

Self-Control or Cold Turkey for PC (Free)- To fully clear out any computer distractions while trying to be productive is nearly impossible with Twitter being a click away. But with these two apps, you can easily add websites to a set blacklist, and place a time limit. Once the time expires, you can return to those websites. This will ensure that procrastination really isn’t an option.

Good luck keeping your resolutions and I hope these apps will help.