The “Promposal” Phenomenon

The Promposal Phenomenon

Carina Leggio, Staff Writer

A new craze has swept Bethel High School. With Junior and Senior Prom right around the corner, the intriguing “promposal” has taken over the social scene and became the talk of the school over the past couple of weeks. “Promposal”, the words “prom” and “proposal” shifted together, now stand for the cute and creative ways in which boys and girls ask other boys and girls to go to prom with them as their date. There is even a twitter account (@WildcatProm) dedicated to posting pictures and recaps of the latest promposals occurring with an anonymous Bethel High student running the account. Here is what your classmates had to say about the latest outbreak in promposals.

“I think everyone enjoys doing these crazy promposals because everyone is coming up with something different and unique.” –Joseph Marji (‘14)

“I think it’s really cute how guys are making girls feel really special and getting them really excited for prom; and how girls are doing the same for the guys.” – Taylor Morosky (‘15)

“It’s just another way for high schoolers to show off.” –José Guttierez (‘14)

“It’s the next phase of evolution. If you don’t prompose extraordinarily, you don’t find a mate. Survival of the fittest, man.” –Willis George Ballard V (‘14)

“I think everyone is getting real creative with this, I’m definitely impressed. It’s fun to see who is going to come up with the next crafty promposal!” –Mary Connelly (‘14)

“It’s awesome! It’s a great way to ask people to prom and every girl likes a guy to go out of his way to ask her in a special way.” –Emily Sullivan (‘14)

“I think it’s becoming a huge competition between girls to see who can get the biggest, most extravagant “promposal.” It’s cute and thoughtful and all, but it’s gotten to the point where girls are obsessing over it.” – Elizabeth Galliford (‘15)

“I think it gets everyone even more excited for prom and it’s fun to see everyone’s creativity.” –Theresa Vlash (‘14)

“The promposal phenomenon has allowed students to create exciting and creative ways to ask each other the big question. It makes the usual dreaded action of asking someone to prom extremely enjoyable and entertaining for the entire student body.” –Erik Thode (‘14), Vice President