A Spring 2014 Fashion Update

A Spring 2014 Fashion Update

Kasey Burke, Staff Writer

If we ever manage to escape this polar vortex of a winter we are experiencing, maybe this fashion column will be useful. When you finally feel the sun warm on your face and smell the freshly budding flowers, hopefully this will help you with some inspiration on an upcoming spring morning!

Florals, Pastels, and Crop Tops

For spring? If I could take liberty to quote Miranda Priestly… “groundbreaking.” I kid of course – these trends are here to stay and will most likely appear each year again and again. I’m sure you know how to rock a floral sundress and a crop top by now (A-lined, high-waisted skirts that hit on the smallest part of your waist will always be flattering)!


Boho is back – but did it ever really leave? A classic Bohemian accent, fringe, is back on the runway, having been featured in countless shows this past Fashion Week. Wearing an appropriate amount of fringe is key, going overboard could have you looking like a bad ‘60s Halloween costume. Just some detailing on a handbag or a blouse can bring this trend to one’s everyday look.

Collared Shirts

Boys, don’t leave me just yet! This one is for you too! Nothing beats a good button down. Luckily for all of us, collared shirts are thankfully here to stay. Mix up this classic look with new patterns, textures, and colors to enhance your wardrobe. Bonus points for rockin’ a Hawaiian print and pulling it off.


One of the greatest parts about metallics being shown so prominently at fashion week, is that metallics are neutrals. That’s right – they match everything. Incorporating gold, silver, and bronze into your wardrobe deserves an Olympic medal! Consider any metallic as versatile as black, white, gray, or navy.

Embellishments & Texture

There’s nothing quite like a little bling to feel better about yourself! Another trend surely to brighten up anyone’s day are embellishments. Blouses and shirts are your best bet for finding the easiest way to pull off this style; find something with beading or texture, any sort of raised pattern in the fabric/stitching. But please do this tastefully – no one needs to be distracted by a disco ball of a shirt in math class.