Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

McKenna Leaden, Madison Schettler, Staff Writers

Hooray for fall fashion! The transition from summer style to fall fashion is undoubtedly the best part of the season. It is indeed an enlivening time, switching shorts and sundresses for jeans and jackets; leaving behind sandals for thick wool socks and boots; replacing your tank tops for cozy sweaters. Sweater weather is upon us, so here are a few essentials to ensure that your autumn wardrobe is both warm and stylish.

5 Autumn Essentials


No matter your personal style preferences, boots are a fall staple. Whether you opt for Docs or you’re more of an UGGs fan, boots are absolutely essential to any autumn wardrobe. The best part about boots? They go with anything. Try a blazer, skinny jeans and riding boots for a classy look, or if you’re feeling a little bit edgier, a cool jacket, leggings, and combat boots. A good pair of boots will bring any outfit together and give it that fall flair. Black and brown boots are easy to match with anything, and will give you the most options, but don’t be afraid to rock some colorful kicks; they can become the focal point, or help to bring everything together.

A Comfortable sweater

No fall wardrobe is complete without at least one snuggly, yet stylish sweater. In this chilly Connecticut weather, sweaters are crucial for any style. They’re perfect for layering, and always easy to wear. Throw a cardigan over a dress or a summery top you’re just not ready to give up yet, and you have a perfect autumn ensemble. A pair of comfortable jeans and a chunky cable knit sweater is just one more way to dress down a sweater on a chilly day. Whether you pair it with pearls or a scarf, jeans or a dress, you can (almost) never go wrong with a sweater.

A Jacket to Layer

Once the sun slips behind the clouds on a beautiful autumn afternoon, the temperature seems to dip quickly. Keeping a jacket on hand is key in order to be prepared for this frequent occurrence. Jean jackets, preppy blazers, cargo jackets, and raincoats are all simple to throw on and add depth and style to any outfit. Once you find a jacket you love, or splurge on a quilted vest, it can be fun to mix and match with different outfit combinations. Since we wear our jackets so often, they become an extension of us, so choose wisely!


Although jeans seem to be dwindling alongside the popularity of leggings, they are fall staples that we cannot let become extinct. Searching for the perfect pair is the first step, then you can enjoy the genuine, hardy touch they add to an autumn ensemble. Light washed jeans versus a dark wash can be a difficult decision – one of the many needed when choosing your perfect pair. While faded jeans present a more casual look and provide great contrast when wearing dark tops, dark washed jeans offer a very sophisticated, pulled together look. Nonetheless, you want to feel comfortable in them! We suggest searching in Bethel’s local thrift shops, as well. Then, you can even pick up a handful of pairs.


Fall accessories serve more than one purpose. They are essential, not only to add excitement to any outfit, but to keep warm. Bundling up at a Thanksgiving Day parade or school football game becomes a top priority, and it is simple to do so by adding a layer or two with tights and scarves. Plaid scarves with neutral colors pair well with jackets and thick sweaters. Hats and beanies are also easy ways to layer up and add a little something extra to your outfit. As we slowly transition  from warm, summer weather, hold onto baseball caps and sunglasses for weekend outings! Additionally, floppy brimmed hats are a new trend which began in the summer, but can easily transition into fall as well, when made out of wool material.

Keep these autumn essentials in mind as you peruse the clothing racks of the mall or local boutiques and thrift shops. Enjoy the process of piecing outfits together, and transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. It can be a difficult task to tackle, but with these simple staples in your closet, you will not go wrong.