Life of a High School Senior Poem

Life of a High School Senior Poem

Victor Vieira, Staff Writer

As the leaves change color and they start to fall,

we must finish our essays, or not get to college at all.


We write our hearts out and try our best,

We study really hard to pass the tests.


We learn and gain,

We fight the pain,

Of stress as it begins to rain.


As we try to apply and worry about college,

We watch football games to gain more knowledge.


We are at the top,

We must not stop,

And continue to succeed.


For in twenty-five years when we meet again,

We might have two children and one might be ten.


It might be scary to think this way,

But school will end and this we can say.


Either going to college or getting a job,

let’s not become just one within the mob.


We must stand tall, and proud and weary

of our lifetime choices and who we will marry.


Come on Seniors let’s show who we are

And win at life and reach for the stars.