Halloween Horrorscopes


Caroline Giuliano, Staff Writer

Aries: In the heat of the moment, you decide to take a different path on your spooky candy-collecting trip just for fun. To your surprise, full sized candy bars are dispensed, and a successful trading business goes down in the basement of a host’s house. Look out for wandering eyes.

Taurus: Your night includes watching a marathon of classic horror films while cuddling up with a pet and the entire bowl of Halloween candy that was suppose to be for the trick or treaters knocking at the door. Look out for falling trees.

Gemini: Starting early down the candy land road gathers you many treats, however don’t be surprised when a black cat crosses your path, sending you to another direction. Be mindful of overly nice elderly ladies.

Cancer: Instead of spending the night in town, you decide to stay in and gobble down sweets with a few friends. Images of a relationship like Jack and Sally float through your mind, leading you to tears, yet just excusing yourself for having an eyelash in your eye. Watch out for open cabinet doors.

Leo: Being bold, you become the leader of the candy crew, marching off to a secret location with all the best goodies. Although you hope to find true love, you know you’ll find love in all the chocolate bars that come your way. Stay awoken for clingy folks who are just a little too fond of your complexion.

Virgo: While others take off down a “forbidden” path you were warned not to take, your bones rattle. Knowing the consequences of being caught yet also not knowing what amazing things could be found, a raging battle goes on within you, which can be summed up in one question: Is the candy really worth it? Choose wisely and good fortune will come your way. Try to avoid Chinese food on Halloween night.

Libra: A steady pattern of costumes is subtly noticed as you plop down fun sized candy into pillow cases. The periodic bell ringing is driving you batty, however it keeps you from sitting and plopping all the candies into your mouth. Be weary of children in masks.

Scorpio: Tonight’s the night you fight to stay alive. The spooky setting and foggy night will get you creeped out, but no doubt you’ll still make the best of it. However, you don’t plan on saving everyone when things go belly up. You just want to have the most candy without being eaten by monsters. Be mindful of your steps in the dark, there could be holes in the ground.

Sagittarius: Hanging out with friends tonight while wandering downtown leaves you hopeful about what will happen later on. While you’re always up for adventure, be sure to stay grounded and not to mess with any ghostly children. Be sure to keep watch of random socks.

Capricorn: A hyped up night of witches and candy led you down a different path. This path led you to more riches and snacks which you can brag about later while you’re sitting on top of candy mountain. Stay humble and be wary of slippery roads.

Aquarius: With your wild costume and amazing sense of style, you complete the spooky Halloween night. However, once all the candy has been sorted and makeup half smudged off, you still wander out for adventure, looking for any mysteries to be solved. Do not leave your candy unattended, someone might just snatch it.

Pisces: All the monsters and ghouls you made up in your head as a child are finally coming to life; under your supervision though. Your fantasies of being the scariest come true and everyone will admire you. Be prepared for an abundance of sweets which will leave you curled in a ball covered in candy wrappers and chocolate. Be cautious of broken branches.