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Holiday Horoscopes

Holiday Horoscopes

Aries: The holiday season has got you bursting out in song and dance, so ready for the start of the new year. Don’t get too excited though, something might break.

Taurus: Your extremely good looks will carry on into next year, starting 2015 with a bang. Don’t hold back with your joyfulness; nothing will go wrong (hopefully).

Gemini: You may actually be super UNexcited for this new year, but do not pass up the opportunity to party with your other friends of wild nature. You will end up dancing (horribly) into the new year, probably regretting it the next morning.

Cancer: You might be back and forth when deciding to go out and celebrate, coming up with wild excuses about your cat being too cute, but don’t hold back. Go out and be the life of the party with no regrets. (Maybe only a little after checking social media the next day).

Leo: As much as you like to be the top banana of parties, this time, just take it down a notch. Don’t worry, your name will still be held in high esteem, just don’t do anything stupid; people will remember it.

Virgo: Stop complaining and get out there. Dress up and head out, even if it’s to nowhere; you’ll end up at a party eventually, looking fabulous as usual. Make sure you stand under the mistletoe.

Libra: Stop teetering at home and arguing with yourself about whether or not you’ll enjoy going out. Do it anyways and have no boundaries! No one remembers what happened last year anyways.

Scorpio: Don’t let your demanding nature get the best of you, your time will come to shine through all your obstacles. This season is for everyone, don’t ruin it and don’t worry about not sticking out; you’ll always be seen.

Sagittarius: Your irresponsible nature comes into play this holiday season, so try not to suck everyone into your twisted pranks. No one wants a repeat of the ugly sweater party last year, and yeah, it was your fault.

Capricorn: Your nature to throw the best party is being tested this year but don’t let anyone else fool you. Your shindigs will be festive as usual, and everyone secretly praises you; don’t forget your streamers.

Aquarius: Although you may not feel like going out, do so anyways! Test your boundaries! You might actually have fun! If not, you can always crawl into bed and sleep straight into 2015 alongside your trusty pet cat.

Pisces: Since you’re so ultra popular, you’ll be obnoxiously busy trying to figure out which party is worthwhile. Instead of flipping a coin or asking someone to pick a number, just go to all of them. Can’t party too much, right?