Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared


Talleah Vaughan, Journalism Student

With midterms rapidly approaching on January 22, students and staff are focused on preparation for the tests which are taking place at the end of first semester classes. Stress over grades can be at an all time high during midterms, as students are both worried about their grades and the dreaded tests which will finalize their current grade. Instead of allowing the stress of midterms to distract you from preparing yourself, it’s important to be aware of study tips and feel confident going into the tests. Students and staff have come together to share their helpful study tips and advice for feeling fully prepared for midterms.

In order to to feel confident entering the midterms, it is critical to find what studying method works best for you. There are a variety ways to study and prepare for tests, but they may not all be effective for your learning style. Alejandro Garcia, ‘17, discussed his favorite ways to study and what helps to prepare for the upcoming midterms, saying he likes to “write everything [he] can down on the study guides.” By writing down all your information on study guide sheets provided by teachers, it can help to review any information and also can be very helpful for memorization. Garcia also finds it beneficial when “teachers allow you to use cheat sheets on the test.” Although not all teachers may allow this, pay attention to whatever your teacher does to prepare you for the tests, whether it be study guides or in class reviews. The most important aspect of studying for midterms is to use all available tools provided to be fully prepared.

Teachers also shared some advice they felt is important in order to avoid feeling unprepared before the tests. Child development teacher, Ms. Lopp, feels it is most important to not “wait until the last minute to review your information and study.” Although studying is a significant aspect of being prepared, you also want to avoid waiting until the last minute. If you really want your studying to benefit you, start studying a few weeks before your tests, and gradually review your information.

For any freshmen who are anxiously awaiting their first midterms, don’t be afraid! Maria Cajarmarca, ‘18’, said that “as a freshman, [she’s] scared for midterms because they seem hard.” Midterms can seem difficult before taking them for the first time, but as long as you follow the helpful tips to studying, you will be prepared for the tests, and will be satisfied with your grades.