The New Ping Pong Club


Greg Churchill ’15 serves a volley to an opponent.

Felim Raftery, Journalism Student

Bethel High School students Joey Zanchelli ‘17 and Brandon Yupp ‘17 have created a new club called the Ping Pong Club. The new club meets in the cafeteria on Thursdays after school to play. The club is open to anyone interested.

Co-founder Joey Zanchelli said, “I really wanted to make a club that would be fun for everyone,” and that is exactly what the club accomplished. “Everyone can join on Thursdays,” said Zanchelli.

The first meeting was held on December 11, where their photograph was taken for the school’s yearbook. Fifteen people showed up for the meeting.

The club will have a round-robin tournament bracket. This type of bracket is where each contestant meets another contestant they have not played yet.

This will make sure that every member of the club will be able to play fairly. Co-founder Brandon Yupp said, “everyone will be able to play and one person won’t play the whole time.”

One member of the club, Matt Dalton ‘17, said, “This will be a good opportunity to give every person a chance to play.” There should be no worries for any newcomer about their skill level.

A club that gives each member an equal opportunity to play is a good way to ensure everyone has fun. Another member of the club, Varun Baddam ‘17, said “I can’t wait to finally start playing, an actual ping pong tournament sounds awesome.”

For more information, see Joey Zanchelli or Mr. Sarrazin, the club’s advisor.