Valentine’s Day: Without Plans

Valentines Day: Without Plans

Keely Sproviero, Journalism Student

Trending Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is celebrated throughout history on February 14, and known as a day to celebrate loved ones across the world. Whether it’s your significant other, parents, friends, or a neighbor, people everywhere are giving gifts, or just spreading the spirit by text messaging “Happy Valentines Day!”. Whatever you like to do, even if it includes sitting alone at home watching Netflix, your Valentine’s day should be memorable.

Don’t Go Out

Staying at home doesn’t make you the grinch of Valentine’s Day, but avoiding the day completely definitely does. If you don’t have plans, try shooting a text message to some loved ones showing your love. Some chocolates, or even a card would be a thoughtful way to spread the spirit of the day. Most people agree, including Ms. Lopp, Child Development teacher, that “you should just be with the people you love the most.”

No Date?

Go out with your friends! Make Valentine’s Day important to the people who love you – who needs a guy anyways? Dinner with a few best friends would be the perfect way to eliminate any V-day stress. For example, a Hibachi restaurant is an extremely popular and affordable option that accommodates a large group of people, where eating and entertainment are rolled into one pleasant experience.

Relationship Goals

For those who have a significant other, be sure to spend the day in luxury. Giant stuffed teddy bears and chocolate are necessary to make the day special for your girl. If you’re looking for your guy, you can’t go wrong with gift cards, or make them a cute dessert. Mrs. Lopp, recommends going out to dinner because “it’s simple, and not as expensive as most gifts.”

Really, whatever you get your significant other, they shouldn’t complain as long as you put thought into it.  Loving Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter, as long as you love the ones around you.