Ask Carol! – February Edition


Carol, Advice Columnist

My parents do not like my boyfriend- I mean- they REALLY do not like him, but I do! He is totally different from me, but we get along so well. What should I do? My choices are making my life at home miserable. From: Torn

During high school, it is always hard to please our parents all of the time! It is especially difficult because we still live under the same roof as our parents, and have to respect their rules. Considering that, you should listen to the reasons why your parents do not like your boyfriend, and then explain how although you respect their opinions, at this moment in time, things are working out great between the two of you. No matter what, your parents will still love you, and will maybe understand more thoroughly the love and value you put into your relationship. Also, it will show how maturely you are handling the situation, giving you some extra points as well!

Hi Carol, I feel really stressed about not being very involved in school events. I don’t think I am in tune with when meetings are or even who to ask if I’m not sure. What can I do to get involved? From: Involvement Crisis

Sometimes it is very hard to get involved when you haven’t quite figured out what you really enjoy! Start by talking to not only your friends, but other people who are involved in a variety of activities. They can tell you about their extracurriculars, and maybe even be a friend when you decide to attend a meeting. The best way to get involved is to get to know others because they may have found something really fun to do that you haven’t even considered before!

A guy likes me and I like him, but he is popular and I feel like he is too busy for me. He also thinks he doesn’t want a relationship. What should I do? From: Loved and Confused

You should definitely talk to your crush about your relationship with one another! Even if he does not want a relationship, you deserve to understand why he feels that way, especially if you both care for one another! Also, popularity does not define love. Some of the best couples come from total opposite ends of the social hierarchy. You can’t control who you like, and he can’t either, so others should respect that! Just by communicating with him and understanding his reasoning for his thoughts, you can definitely get some answers to your questions, and remember no matter what, no guy is too busy for you!

What’s the best way to ask a girl out? I’m kind of shy, so any advice would help! From: Bashful Wanting to be Bold

Although it may be hard, you definitely need to tell the girl face to face! Getting a text is just words, and half of the gesture is seeing the excitement in their face when you ask them the question. Make it simple, yet memorable by just taking a walk or going out for ice cream.The smallest, cutest efforts really make a girl melt, and no matter what, she will appreciate the confidence it took you to make the move. Anything you do will be a success in her eyes!

My groups of friends and I are pretty close, but one girl is quite a bully. She is just downright mean sometimes, but it seems that I am the only one who notices. She claims she is just “sarcastic” but sometimes I feel very uncomfortable around her. How do I distance myself but not lose my other friends? From: Offended and Upset

These situations can be tough! Maybe talk to one of your closest friends in the group and express how you feel. You may not be the only one feeling this way, and you are just the first to speak up. If another friend agrees with you, maybe go talk to the problematic friend together, and express how sometimes your feelings are hurt by her comments. But, if you seem to be the only one in this predicament, then you have to be strong and talk to her yourself! Express how you do not want this to affect your friend group, but that you just wanted to make her aware that you feel uncomfortable sometimes. You can always hang out with one or two friends, as you all don’t have to be together every time you hang out. Lastly, end on a good note by doing something as a whole group, so then you can ease the tension and move past the conflicts that have arisen together, and make future decisions with the best intentions in mind for yourself!

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