Seniors Reflect on their High School Careers

Seniors Reflect on their High School Careers

McKenna Leaden, Staff Writer

From the day we stepped into the high school for a brief tour when we were still eighth graders, upperclassman and teachers constantly reminded us, “it will go by in the blink of an eye.” Freshman year may have dragged on, but as sophomore year comes around and you grow three more inches, everything picks up pace – in addition to your growth. Before you know it, you are taking senior portraits at the end of your junior year. Then, you are dancing at Senior Prom. Finally, you will be walking across the stage as a graduate. I have talked to a few seniors, asking them to reflect on their blur of the past four years, as a chance to think about what their favorite classes were or any regrets they may have for the underclassman to learn from. But this is not meant to be depressing post about them leaving- more so a walk down memory lane and friendly advice to us all to make the most out of our four years. Thank you to Jackie Chiappetta and Colton Zuvich for sharing with us, and good luck on your new journey in college!

What was your favorite class you ever took at BHS? Was it the most beneficial, or the most fun?

Jackie: My favorite class that I ever took at BHS was Graphic Design 2, with Mr. Doolan. I enjoyed Graphic Design 1, but the second class used more in-depth skills and more challenging programs, thus, I was able to learn many new graphic skills, tips, and different ways to do certain tasks in a design. I also enjoyed this class so much, that it helped me to decide that I want to minor, hopefully, in Graphic Design in college due to the great impact it had on me and joy I found out about what the Graphic Design field was all about. I feel that it was the most beneficial and enjoyable for me because of course I enjoyed every class I went to and enjoyed and put a great amount of effort into every piece I created. I also feel that it was the most beneficial because it helped me learn skills that will help me with studying Graphic Design in college in my next four years, and it was beneficial due to the fact that it helped me decide that I did in fact want to study Graphic Design in college.

Colton: My favorite class that I took at BHS had to be desktop and web publishing (Web design) with Mrs. Black. It was the first time I was exposed to coding, and it was the first time I got to make a real website from scratch. It’s funny because I’m now going to college to study computer theory, and I don’t know if I would be doing that if it wasn’t for this class. Between the people in the class and the curriculum I looked forward to this class everyday.

Are there any regrets you have leaving BHS? (class wise, activity wise, dance wise)

Jackie: One regret I do have as I’m getting ready to leave BHS is that I wish I joined more clubs throughout my four years, especially the newspaper! I also have a slight regret in not going to my semi-formal dance my junior year with all of my friends but I made up for that by going this year. I suggest that you go to as many dances as you can at BHS because the four years go by way too fast, trust me!

Colton: My one regret leaving BHS was that I only did a sport in my senior year. I decided that I would wait until I didn’t have to worry about grades to join the Track team. It was an amazing experience and I actually learned a lot about time management that I could’ve used as an underclassman.

Do you think you have changed since Freshman year? If yes, how?

Jackie: I feel that I have changed dramatically since Freshman year. My freshman year I was a lot shyer than I am currently, and I also was trying to find my place in the big new school. Now, I can gladly say that I have made so many new friends that I’m very proud to be friends with and I’m not an ounce as shy of a person as I used to be when I was a freshman. Also, now, I know my place in BHS and I am glad that I feel that I have left my mark at BHS and am ready to move on to my next journey in life.

Colton: I’m a completely different person from when I entered BHS as a freshman, as I probably should be. High school is about figuring out who you are. I’ve grown so much between my friends, extracurriculars, and classes. Probably the biggest thing I changed since I was a freshman was my study habits. Take the time to learn how you learn, that will really help you get your work done before 2am. Moral of the story is don’t stay up until 2am.

If there was one thing you think a BHS student should participate in, what would it be?

Jackie: If there was one thing that a BHS student should participate in, I think it should be as many clubs, sports, activities, etc. as you can. I know it sounds a little cheesy but it’s 100% honest and true! Getting involved is very important and, yes, it looks good on your college resume and transcript. Getting involved lets you meet new people, get exposed to different environments, and even learn new things! But…if I have to pick just one thing for a BHS student to participate in I would tell them to participate in the school newspaper, The Wildcat Word! Yes, I am a little bias here because I did the newspaper’s layout, but, all joking aside, the newspaper let’s you either read about or write about things going on in the world, in your school, and in the student body in detail sometimes and you can learn things about others, your school, and yourself that you didn’t know about before. Overall, just get involved and have fun because you don’t want to have any regrets leaving BHS!

Colton: Honestly, as much as I think BHS students should get involved at the school, try to find one thing that you absolutely love outside of school and devote some time to that each week. Make it a meaningful activity that you might actually want to pursue a career in. For me it was studying computers and business, but it might be art, or music, or law, or medicine, or YouTubing, etc… Pick something to look forward to and get better at. Maybe even make a summer project out of it like coding an app, or creating a short film. You’ll feel better about your life, and colleges like to see that you’re an interesting person outside of school. Plus, you could probably pass it off as your capstone project.