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Wear the World


Written by Mallory Bruno, Staff Writer

Serengetee is the new, trendy, and fashionable way to give back. The company was founded by three guys in college who traveled the world on Semester at Sea. Throughout this journey they met many new people, which made them realize how fortunate they really are. They wanted a way to give back to the many communities they have visited. Their desire to give back lead to the creation of the now widely known company, Serengetee. Currently, Serengetee uses local fabric from 32 countries across the globe to create fun pockets for their tees. The founders of Serengetee hope “to connect people to the globe through fabric while giving back to the communities that inspire our products” – which is accomplished through the company’s donation of 5% of the proceeds from each product to the local charity within the fabrics origin. Since the company’s start in 2012, its popularity has greatly increased. Because the founders were college students themselves, they created a program that allows students across the country to represent the cause. Currently, I am a hometown representative for this amazing company. To be a part of something like this and know that each purchase changes lives is truly remarkable. Some causes that they support are natural disaster relief, building schools, clean water, fighting human trafficking, women entrepreneurs, ocean pollution, orphans, medical care, and so much more. Even though all you might be doing is buying a shirt, it can make a difference because by wearing the world, you can change the world.

Check out www.serengetee.com to make a difference!

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