Spirit Week 2015


McKenna Leaden, Staff Writer

Although it may not have been a surprise to anyone, this year’s Spirit Cup winner was the senior class: Class of 2016 (yay!).

Decked out in maroon and white, students rushed down to the football field from the bleachers and jumped into the crowded mass of classmates for the annual celebratory photo with the trophy. This year it may have been an empty UTZ pretzel container, but it was still the idea that counted!

Leading up to this exciting moment, and to kick off the pep rally, each fall sport team strode out to their team-chosen songs, and explained a little bit about their season so far. Then, it was off to the competition.

The relay was first, in which the senior boys won against the other grades, and the sophomore girls won their heat. The tug of war followed, where we were all beat out by our teachers and administrators. The staff won! It was a little difficult to hand over the win there, but with the new addition of the potato sack race, students were able to take back the title.

Seeing all of the spirit bouncing off the walls of the halls among the student body was an inspiring sight. Before the big reveal during Spirit Week, grades were able to raise money for their hand-chosen local charities by purchasing class t-shirts donning the charity logo. Also, we dressed with Oliver Ciparelli in our hearts and minds during Superhero Day. It was great to see the student body of Bethel High coming together to support these cases. While adding fun and crazy outfits into the mix as well, it was a reminder to us all not to take ourselves too seriously, and to enjoy these high school moments that are so fleeting.

Finally, as a senior it was extremely bittersweet to take part in Spirit Week, knowing that with each day it was your last time dressing up for each particular category, or your last day standing with your best friends in the cafeteria, getting your picture taken by Bethel High School’s beloved Dan Deblois.

When asked how she felt about experiencing Spirit Week as a senior, Steph Ferguson, shared, “I wanted to make the most of spirit week since I knew it was the last one I had, and I wanted to cherish every moment of it and not regret not wearing red on Class Charity Day or not wearing a superhero shirt on Superhero Day. Spirit Week has always been special, but since it is the last year, I wanted to make the most of it with the people I have known my whole life!”

This week will always be a high school tradition, and the underclassman will still get to enjoy it for the next few years, so try not to save outfit-planning until the last minute, and try to soak up every minute of it. It is just one week out of the entire school year. Therefore, we should take advantage of it and enjoy yourself during this time, go to the bonfire at the end of homecoming football game, and do not be afraid to dance it out to the music or wear a tutu on Class Charity Day when you don your classes’ bright color. This year’s Spirit Week ended up being successful in this way, and I hope for the underclassmen’s sake that next year’s is just as great.