De-“tech”t the Perfect Gift


by Maura Leaden ‘16


A few weeks ago, I was babysitting a young girl and boy and I asked if either of them had any ideas about what they wanted for Christmas. They both quickly shouted out, “iPad mini!” and, “new TV!” But when I asked them about a gift that did not involve technology, it was much more difficult for them to produce an answer. I even prompted them with some ideas first, like, “what about a book?” but that too, produced only blank stares.  

I don’t know about anyone else, but this exchange was upsetting for me. Maybe it’s not the case for all children, but have we really come to a time where these two kids can’t think of ANYTHING that they may want that does not include technology?

I have come up with a list of some non-technological gifts to revamp your shopping lists, and maybe even spark some creativity in your friends and family members.


  1. As I mentioned before…a book! Anything from introducing Harry Potter to the next generation of younger cousins, to a college survival guide for our graduating seniors. You can also see if your sibling’s favorite authors have come out with any books that they don’t already have. Or, if you don’t know many readers, try a magazine subscription. It is a gift that they can appreciate all throughout the year!
  2. A scented candle – On Pinterest, I found a candle that is made to smell like Dumbledore’s office! I think that this is a pretty cool gift for any Harry Potter fan!
  3. Plan a day trip – This could get expensive if you plan to go to a Justin Bieber concert, or a Knick’s game, but what about a ticket to Bridgeport’s hockey team, the Sound Tigers? Or a ticket combo for the train and the Rockefeller Center skating rink?
  4. Board Games – This one is super easy and fun. Just go to the toy store downtown, or the game aisle in Target! Plus, puzzles are always great!
  5. Stationery Kit – Cards, a fancy pen, and some stamps make an amazing gift!


Although everyone loves to receive a shiny new gadget during the holidays, hopefully these ideas can add some variety to your gift list, and offer a break to your wallets (or your parent’s wallets).