Holiday DIY’s


By: Joely Feder

With the holidays approaching many are excited to get into the spirit. An easy way to spice up your everyday life, with a touch of the holidays, is to decorate! Here are some fun ways to do just that. All of these crafts can be made with simple materials that can be purchased at any craft store. Michael’s is my suggestion for best prices and selection.


  1. Pocket Sized Tree



1 mason jar (6-10 inches in height)

1 5-9 inch plastic Christmas tree (size can vary based on how tall jar is)



White glitter (optional)



Glue the bottom of the tree to the inside of mason jar lid. Then, fill the mason jar about halfway with water. After this, put the lid on (the Christmas tree will go into the mason jar). For show, place the jar upside down so that the tree is right side up. If you do this, you’ll have your own little Christmas tree that’s super portable. Add some white glitter into the jar, too, and make a Christmas tree snowglobe!


Note: the actual object inside of the jar doesn’t matter– so as long as your small trinket fits into the mason jar, you can substitute that Christmas tree with whatever you want, snowmen, dreidels, and menorahs will do just the trick.


  1.  Not Your Regular Wreath



1 plain Styrofoam Wreath


3-5 Packs of Ornaments


Glue the ornaments all over the plain wreath. Add as many as you’d like. This one is very customizable because you can choose whatever ornaments to put on the wreath.


  1. Ho-Ho- Holiday Paintings



Paint (acrylic, preferably)

String lights (optional)

Ornaments (optional)



Paint something festive! Again, this one is very versatile. You can paint anything from a snowman, to a Christmas tree, or a dreidel to a fun phrase (“Let it Snow” is pretty jolly). If you’re feeling up to it, you can even poke some holes in the canvas, and string those lights through them, or glue on some ornaments for decoration. This is a great way to light up any gloomy room!


  1. Merry Mason Jar


1 Wide candle holder

1 Mason jar

Glue (hot glue or superglue, preferably)

Decorations (optional)



Glue bottom of mason jar onto candle holder. Optional: add colorful bows, glitter, ornaments, string lights, or any other decor to make the mason jar pop! Then, store anything you’d like in it (if you want to be really festive, candy canes will do the trick).


Whatever your holiday of celebration may be, these decorations won’t disappoint. And hey, if you haven’t gone gift shopping, and you’re in a pinch, these crafts also serve as gifts that people will absolutely love! Happy holidays!