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Holiday Fashion Tips

By: Kenzie Davis

The most exciting time of the year has arrived: the holiday season! This busy time filled with cold weather and festivities is my absolute favorite time of the year. No matter what you may celebrate, I’m sure you’re excited too. At some point, celebrating usually involves getting dressed up. I personally love looking fancier than usual, but I know it’s not enjoyable for some people. However, we all have to do it. So, whether you’re looking for something to wear out with your friends or to your formal family dinner, here are some tips for putting together the perfect holiday outfit.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Black

A LBD (a little black dress) is a classic look for anytime of year, but it’s perfect for this time of year. There are so many styles of this dress to choose from, which guarantees you won’t have the same dress as anyone else. Paired with sparkly accessories like shoes or jewelry, you’ll be unforgettable. Also, try a black sweater paired with a bright scarf for a pop of color.

Glitz Is Glamour

Sequins, jewels, glitter, oh my! There’s so many ways for your outfit to shine! If you’re looking to make a statement, this is the time to do so. Express your excitement for the holidays in an outfit that shines with jewels or sequins from head to toe or go for glittery eyeshadow instead. No matter what your style is like, the holidays are the perfect reason to dress boldly.


If sequins and diamonds aren’t your thing, go for velvet instead. Around this time of year, velvet is used on everything from shoes to jackets, to headbands. This fabric makes any look seem more sophisticated and put together. No matter how you incorporate it into your outfit, you’ll stand out from the usual festive holiday ensembles.

White For The Winter

If the little black dress isn’t your thing, then the little white dress is! White is a daunting color for most people to wear, but this makes it a unique color. White also matches everything, which allows accessorizing to be very easy. Try wearing a white outfit with a flashy accessory – like a pair of red shoes, a purse, a belt or even a scarf.

Make Your Coat Stand Out

Connecticut winters are brutal, so no matter what, some sort of coat or jacket is vital to your outfit this season. If you don’t like wearing anything too fancy then this is the perfect opportunity to accessorize with a fun coat. Go for a festive color, pattern or even faux fur that will make your outfit look that much more classy. This is one of the easiest ways to make your outfit stand out from the rest.

Happy Holidays, Wildcats! Stay safe and stay fashionable!