When You Don’t Have Money, But You Still Love Your Honey

When You Dont Have Money, But You Still Love Your Honey

Written by: Molly Dolman (‘16)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many young romantics are starting to break a sweat. The pressure that is mounting to get the perfect Valentine’s gift for their significant other, coupled with the fact that their wallets haven’t seen action since the tooth fairy, is sending love struck teens into a panic. Never fear kids, here is the ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day on a budget.

  • Sweet Treats – Let’s be honest here; the way to any teen’s heart is through their stomach. Baking some sweet treats or dipping some strawberries in some chocolate can make the perfect gift. Not only does it taste great, but it doesn’t cost too much and there’s the potential for leftovers! Plus, the touch of putting in your own effort to make the sweets yourself can make a great impression. If you don’t fancy yourself a pro in the kitchen, get a cool container from the dollar store and fill it with your S.O.’s favorite candy! Top it off with a decorative bow and you have a great looking (and tasting) little gift.
  • Scrapbooks/Photo Albums – If you fancy yourself the sentimental type, maybe you can put together a scrapbook or photo album for your S.O. This can be an extremely thoughtful gift when you put in the effort! If you don’t think you are creative, they have scrapbooking kits that come with all the decorations and ideas in them. You can fill these books with some of your favorite pictures and memories; the process of putting it together may even be the most enjoyable part!  To buy a photo album or scrapbooking kit is fairly inexpensive, and the resulting gift is considered priceless.
  • Mix Tape/Playlist – If music is your thing, then this is the gift for you. Putting together a playlist of music that either reminds you of your S.O., or just consists of songs that you think they would like, could make a great Valentine’s gift! You can give the playlist a romantic theme, or just go for songs that you know you like listening to together. If you are a musician yourself, you could even record your own song for a personalized touch. The only thing this one will cost you might be a CD and a couple of hours!
  • Small Stuffed Animals – We all know that picture that circulates on the internet this time of the year; the teenage girl hugging the bear that’s literally the size of her with the caption “Valentine’s goals”, and seemingly no consideration as to where this mountainous bear might go if ever received. Now, most of us do not have the cash to splurge on a six-foot tall stuffed animal, but smaller bears may only set you back a few dollars and are a classic symbol of affection.
  • Flowers – Flowers are a great option for your S.O. and for you, too! Flowers are another timeless symbol of love and they can be fairly inexpensive. If you are stuck, a great bouquet of flowers may be your best bet; they smell good, they look good, and they’re a classic.