How to Survive the Winter Blues


Maura Leaden ’16, Staff Writer

Truthfully, we have barely had much of a winter this year. However, the usually dreary and bitterly cold days of winter can be tough to handle. The long stretch is difficult to get through when pasty skin and staticky hair taunt us all. Plus, we quickly get bored of our sweaters and jeans. So, in hopes of helping students escape the winter blues, I have created a list of some fun activities and some tips to bring some excitement and life into the stagnant season.


  1. Ice skating! This is at the top of my list because it is one of the best ways to embrace the season. It is a way to make the best out of all the coldness (assuming that winter will eventually sneak up on us before April). Furthermore, there are several options to add to the excitement! Make the short trip to the Danbury Ice Arena, or make a longer trip to create an iconic memory by skating at The Rink at Rockefeller Center. Even better, ask your neighbor to skate in their frozen pond, or find a nearby park with a frozen pond or lake.
  2. Wear bright colors. Sometimes, you may be bumming yourself out by wearing the typical black, gray, and brown hues that are popular in the winter. Opt for a bright blue, orange or yellow and see how much a pop of color can affect your day. After all, it’s all about your mindset!
  3. Get a Pinterest account and stock up on craft supplies. Seriously, you are in for hours of entertainment. From personalized frames, to the latest mason jar fad, to string art – they have ideas for literally everything.
  4. Listen to the Hawaiian station on Pandora. Instantly be transported to an island state of mind.
  5. Go on an adventure to various café spots to find the place with the best hot chocolate.
  6. Go to a hockey game! Even if you just go to see the fights! Our high school team is a joint team with other local high schools, but they could always use more support. Also, there is the Danbury Whalers who play at the Danbury Ice Arena, or the Bridgeport Sound Tigers who play at the Webster Bank Arena.
  7. Keep fresh, colorful flowers on your kitchen table.

Finally, just remember that in a few short months you may be missing the chilly temperatures and the pretty white snow (if we ever get any).