Promposal Phenomenon


Madison Schettler, Staff Writer

Written by: Madison Schettler ’17, Staff Writer

It’s promposal season! With both senior and junior proms approaching, the upperclassmen are scrambling to find a date and plan a clever way to ask. Here are this year’s top promposals so far, and maybe you can even use them as inspiration!

First up, we have Jonny Saquicela’s ‘16 High School Musical themed promposal to McKenna Leaden ‘16. He sweetly referenced songs from the movie, and even took on the role of Troy Bolton with a Wildcats basketball uniform. Feeling inspired by this promposal? They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so if you’re struggling to come up with a creative promposal, create an adaptation of this one! Reference your crush’s favorite movie or tv show in a unique poster or costume and voila! You have a prom date!


Natalie Melvin’s ‘17 punny promposal to Jack Whalen ‘16 wins points for uniqueness, thoughtfulness, and above all, deliciousness. Forget flowers: food is most definitely the way to anyone’s heart. Prompose with a snack and some carefully-crafted puns and you can’t lose.


Amelia Wootton’s ‘16 promposal to Dawson (Newtown) went swimmingly! Her short, clever poem was the perfect way to win her fellow swimmer’s heart. Take a page from Amelia’s book and find a clever way to ask your potential date by relating back to a common interest of yours. A bag of Swedish Fish won’t hurt either!


Ryan Polistena’s ‘17 promposal to Molly Waters ‘16 definitely stands out from the crowd this year. His creative puns and success in finding an actual goat to help him pull of his promposal makes this one of the most interesting ways to grab a date to prom BHS has ever seen. It’ll be hard to upstage this promposal, but the goat has taught us that less actually isn’t more when it comes to asking someone to prom. The bigger, the more extravagant, the more attention grabbing, the better!


Our last promposal is last year’s highlight. Luke Kelly’s ‘16 inventive promposal to Sofia Orrico ‘17 inspires us all. It shows that with a good pun and a lot of legos, anything is possible. Luke’s promposal demonstrates that thoughtfulness and effort is important if you’re looking to make an impression!


Hopefully Junior Prom was a blast and Senior Prom is not so far away either, so there may still be time for you to use these promposal hacks to your advantage!