HORROR-scopes – October 2016

Written By: Nisha Chokshi ’18, Staff Writer 

Aries- October’s Super Full Moon is in Aries this year which will give you a burst of energy to help heal old wounds and welcome the new in your life. This, combined with your fierce attitudes, will make Halloween 2016 one of your most enjoyable ones yet, so don’t try to avoid the new, instead embrace it and see where it brings you. Stay spooky my scAries.

Taurus- The 5th house a.k.a. The House of Love is certainly powerful for you this month. Romance, as well as social events, will work in your favor. This month consists of little to no misfortunes in many different parts of your life, so don’t be afraid to take a risk! Halloween will be definitely enjoyable for you whether you go out or decide to stay in with a nice scary movie or two – so don’t stress any of it!

Gemini- As the four mutable planets, Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, gather this year, October will be full of nonstop movement. As a mutable and air sign, you will have some trouble deciding on many things this month, like a halloween costume, but always remember to go with your gut choice! Your best bet for a spooky costume is probably grabbing another Gemini pal and being the twins from “The Shining”.

Cancer- You Cancers are in for a treat this month, as the new moon kicks off right before Halloween, fueling your creativity for some possible last minute Halloween costumes. Communication will be quite easy for you this month with the new moon travelling close to Mercury. Don’t be afraid to speak up because your talents will be recognized, perhaps with some sort of costume contest.

Leo- Another sign with great luck with communication this month! The countless number of brainstorms you have this month may seem a little overwhelming, but it will all be worth it when Halloween comes around. Your knack for detail and design won’t be unrecognized either, especially in the homemade costume department.

Virgo- October is like a clean slate for all you Virgos, as Jupiter has finally gone into Libra which means you can really give yourself a fresh look. Being the perfectionists you are, you probably started planning your entire Halloween day, from the costume to the party, around August. Don’t worry though, this hard work will pay off as you will probably have the best thought out costumes at the party. Just remember to stay focused on the fun more than the facts this Halloween.

Libra- The world is your oyster Libras! Jupiter is in your sign this Halloween and it is doing you nothing but good. You’ll be inspired to set goals and actually pursue them, unlike most of the time. You’ve finally left the tough part of 2016 which means it’s all downhill from here! This will only ensure that Halloween is absolute fun for you and some friends.

Scorpio- Happy birthday you wild Scorpios! This holiday- and birthday- season, focus on making amends with those who you have any unsettled problems with as this time is possibly the best time. Focus on taking care and focusing on yourself this month; you can even ditch the cheesy group costume everyone is doing to go solo on this one. Self-care is something you should focus on as the holiday season arrives because you tend to focus on others rather than yourselves a lot of the time.

Sagittarius- There is one major part of your life that you’ve been neglecting, your social life! Open up communication with your friends and the rest of your month will fall into place. As Halloween rolls around, stick with your best buds and everything will look good for you!

Capricorn- Whatever mission you are trying to accomplish this month, do not give up on achieving it! You Capricorns are very hardworking and it doesn’t seem to rest for any part of the year, but remember to allow yourself time to breathe as well. Whatever you’re trying to achieve is in fact worth hard work, but not your entire month. Don’t forget to ease up and have fun this Halloween, you deserve it.

Aquarius- Throwing caution to the wind isn’t anything new to an Aquarian, but it will happen frequently this month. The past few months have really drained you, so take this spooky month as a way to enjoy, relax, and have fun! Your spontaneous ideas for Halloween plans may seem a little crazy, but they’re definitely worth it for a Halloween you’ll never forget.

Pisces- As a Pisces, you may need some extra personal space this month and that is perfectly okay! Those that keep attempting to contact you aren’t trying to be annoying, they just want to make sure you’re okay. The requirement of privacy doesn’t have to dim the candle in your jack-o-lantern this Halloween; think about all the fun Halloween things you could do without leaving your house because there is never a downside to some scary movies.