NHS Induction


by: Cassidy Quinn ‘ 17, staff writer 

As the weather got colder, BHS students began to apply to the National Honor Society. After an anxiety induced month, Ms. Burke collected all of the applications and the board anonymously reviewed them. Those accepted were revealed a couple weeks later, as the current members prepared for their induction. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving break, all members dressed up and put on their robes to induct the new members.

At every induction, the NHS invites a guest speaker to discuss the importance of giving back to the community we live in. Mrs. Karen Mello was chosen this year for her amazing work with United Way and for all she has done in Bethel and surrounding towns. She told multiple anecdotes, sharing how her efforts have positively affected people in other countries. Her speech inspired the inductees and was a great way for them to hear how their service can change people’s lives. Mrs. Mello is a great example of how we should not only perform community service to get into the National Honor Society or to graduate high school, but throughout our entire lives.
The Tri-M, which includes some of Bethel High School’s most talented musicians, was also present at the induction. They sang the “National Anthem” and performed a lovely mashup of “Halo” by Beyonce and “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a great night for everyone involved. Congratulations to all of the National Honors Society inductees! All your hard work is finally paying off!