GSA Past and Present Events

GSA Past and Present Events

by: Joely Feder ’19, staff writer 

The BHS Gay-Straight Alliance is set to do some awesome things this year.

Just these last few months alone, the club held many cool events and even went to one, too. For starters, on March 17, some students from the BHS group went to Our True Colors, the largest LGBTQ+ conference in the U.S. It is held in Hartford for two days and the GSA went on a Friday to the workshops, heard speakers and participated in more LGBTQ+ centered activities. Mrs. Trachtenberg, the head of the GSA, says that the conference was very fun and inclusive.

The month before this, GSA had a movie night in which they screened the film “Milk,” a movie about the life of gay rights activist, Harvey Milk. Students from schools in Brookfield and Danbury also came. To go with “Milk,” they also ate cookies.

In the month of March, there was also a teen drag show and a youth group for transgender and gender nonconforming students in surrounding towns that were available to students in Bethel.

In addition to all these events that have already happened, there are also some other ones coming up, too.

First, the GSA is planning on introducing gender-neutral bathroom signs to BHS. Not only is this important for transgender and gender nonconforming students of BHS to feel comfortable using the restroom, but it is also in light of recent events revolving around trans teens in the U.S. and the numerous “Bathroom Bills” in Congress over the past year or so.

During the week of April 17 the GSA will be selling rainbow ribbon pins and cards (each $1.00) for the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Networks’ national Day of Silence. The Day of Silence is on Friday, April 21 this year and is an event to shed light on LGBTQ+ bullying and harassment in school. The cards that will be for sale will have a description of the event and will excuse students from speaking for the day to honor LGBTQ+ voices that are silenced by the negative words of others.  

In May, there will be a Gay Prom in which all students are welcome. Also, both the Triangle Community Center in Norwalk and the Hartford chapter of PFLAG will be having youth events and support groups in the months of April and May.

Overall, there are many exciting events coming up for the Bethel High School Gay-Straight Alliance! Their next meeting is on Tuesday, April 18 after school in Mrs. Trachtenberg’s room. All are welcome to attend!


Interested in any of the events mentioned? Contact Mrs. Trachtenberg at [email protected] for more information!