BHS Awards Teachers


Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Landy

     Mrs. Landy has worked at Bethel High School for  years as a special education teacher.

     “It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re her student, she cares about you and is concerned about you,” said Rachel Houlihan ‘18. “She has a good heart.”


Pillar of the Year: Mrs. Holmberg

     Mrs. Holmberg has been instructing our EMS students at Bethel High School for ____ years. “She brings us food and spends thousands of dollars of her own money on us. She also uses so much of her time to come in early and stay late, just to help us,” said student Brennan Damota ‘18. “She’s great.”


Rookie of the Year: Ms. Holleran

     Ms. Colby Holleran joined BHS this year as our social worker.