Department Head Switchups


Nicole Bagala ’20
Staff Writer

     March 12, 2018 was the day of a thousand tears – otherwise known as the day Dr. Fernand and Mrs. Taranovich left Bethel High School to take administrator positions at Bethel Middle School.

     Dr. Fernand, head of the English department and Mrs. Taranovich, head of the Spanish department, were well-liked by their students and co-workers.

     Ms. Burke and Mrs. Dovale took over their roles as department heads. Ms. Burke and Mrs. Dovale said their transitions have been relatively easy because they are supported by many wonderful people who helped them adjust to their new positions.

     “I worked closely with Señora Taranovich during her last three weeks. Because of her help, my transition went very smoothly,” Mrs. Dovale says.

     Both are delighted they still get to teach, and work closely with teachers they did not get to work with before, both in their departments and out of their departments.

     The only issue so far, Ms. Burke added, is that Mr. Sarrazin keeps asking a lot of questions, “Mainly if there is any food in the English office,” she laughs.

     Best of luck to all four wonderful women as they take on their new leadership roles.