Juniors Explore Careers


Ethan Cardona ’18
Staff Writer

     On March  20, Bethel High School juniors participated in the school’s annual career day, with guest speakers coming in to shed light on different careers for students to pursue after high school.

     College and Career counselor Mrs. Conley was in charge of the event, one that she believes is an important experience for high school students.

     “Career Day,” Conley says, “gives students a unique way to learn about careers directly from experienced professionals that have been working in a particular field. Guest speakers were able to provide personal insight allowing students to hear about different aspects and day-to-day activities associated with a given career.”

     The day consisted of three, 30-minute sessions, where students signed up to hear a different speaker each block. The overall response from students was very positive.

     “I had a really great time,” says Audrey Garcia ‘19.  “I went to a government presentation which was actually the best because I got to listen to our local official Matt Knickerbocker speak about being a public servant and it was really inspirational to me personally and I think a lot of other people felt the same way.”

     The students were given the opportunity to not only hear from the guest speakers about their fields, but also heard personal stories and got to ask questions about the fields as well, with the hopes that students take something away from the day, as they look ahead to college and beyond.

     “I think it was a good way to get a feel for a couple different careers, says Mary Muthersbaugh ‘19. “You were able to dive into a couple different interests and learn more about them. I think it was really beneficial to meet with people in those fields and get first hand insight about them.”

“I hope students were able to walk away from this event learning a little something new,” says Conley. “Hopefully, students found some valuable information that puts them one step further on the path towards their future.”