Sophomores Celebrate Ring Dinner

Nicole Bagala ’20
Staff WRiter

     On March 29, the class of 2020 had their Ring Dinner.  Decorated in black and gold, the Amber Room Colonnade glittered, just like the class rings that were distributed.

     Class Advisors, Mrs. Ricciardone and Señora Dovale, along Mr. Lawlor, Ms. Musser and Mr. Troetti, administered breathalyzer tests to all students who entered.

     The students mingled with each other for a while until the buffet dinner was served. The food was superb, and many went back for seconds. After dinner, the students who ordered class rings were called back up to the dance floor to receive their rings. Students spent the rest of the night dancing, chatting and taking pictures.

     “We were the life of the party!” Jayde Eggert ‘20, excitedly stated, commenting on the fact that her and her friends spent the entire night on the dance floor.  

     “My friends and I danced all night!”  Phoebe Baldwin added. “The dance was so much fun, and I’m so glad I went!”

     Students who purchased rings but did not attend the dance can pick them up in Ms. Musser’s office.