Get Extra Help at the LLC! | 2019


Extra Help Available in the LLC

Nicole Bagala ‘20

Staff Writer

    Library Offers Help

 Do you have an essay that needs editing? Or a trigonometry question that has you stumped? If so, then the LLC has just what you need – a plethora of extra help opportunities!  

    The extra help centers have been an integral part of the LLC, helping students with schoolwork for close to a decade. Students can visit the Writing Center and the Math Lab and also get extra help from World Language Honors Society and the Science Honors Society members if they need assistance with a language or science assignment.

    The extra help labs are open throughout the school day. The Writing Center is open periods one, three, five and eight and is also open after school on Tuesdays and Thursday from 2:30-3:30 p.m. The Math Lab is open all periods expect period seven. The Science and World Language extra help services vary per day and students are encouraged to check out the schedule posted in the Library Learning Commons.

    Clearly the LLC is the best location to house these services.

    “The LLC is a community space,” explained Library Media Specialist Jessica Wismar.  “It’s a logical place for everybody to be able to access. It gets confusing when you put too many things in different places because there are many different rooms on the two floors, so it is a convenient community space to have that extra help centered.”

    The idea for these centers and extra help programs grew out of a need BHS faculty members saw in students for more assistance with their assignments and from their last review from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in 2009. From that review, they created the extra help present in the LLC today.

    “The students can get help with homework, with a concept their teacher taught in the classroom that the student does not understand, a review packet, different types of extra help,” said math teacher Reine Issa. “My assistance is based upon the students’ questions and motivation to come and get the extra help.”

    Students who use these resources are affected by the teacher’s assistance because they can work one-on-one with a teacher who understands the concept and they do not have to make an appointment to see their teachers after school to receive help.

    “I think it has an overall positive effect on the students when they come,” added english teacher Lauren Nero. “I think their grade is definitely a little bit better when they’ve worked face to face with an English teacher because they can get direct help.”

    So the next time you need  some academic assistance, stop by the extra help centers in the LLC!