Teacher’s Now can Control Your Chromebooks! | 2019


Teachers Embrace GoGuardian

Dylan DiSalvo ‘ 20

Journalism Student

Teachers are Monitoring Students

    Things are constantly evolving at Bethel High School. From the installations of alarms on the doors, to the website blocking software U-block and now the implementation of GoGuardian software.

    GoGuardian allows teachers to monitor the computers their students are using to make sure they are on task.

    Not all teachers are currently utilizing GoGuardian but most World Language teachers use it during the digital spanish class and to give online quizzes.

    “I’ve caught a lot of kids in my digital spanish class on websites like amazon and playing games,” explained spanish teacher Ms. Mendoza. “ I feel like the addition of  GoGuardian will prevent them from going on these websites and enable them to complete work on time.”

    Since students are faced with so many distractions throughout the day, the program only serves as a gentle reminder that students are in school and should be focusing on school work.

     “During the school day, you’re here to learn, you’re not here to play games,” explained Assistant Principal Ms. Lerz.

    While many teachers and students understand the need for the program, others are skeptical.

    “It’s an invasion of privacy. Most websites are blocked now anyway, there’s no reason that teachers should be able to see our screens,” explained  Lorenzo Cazzaniga ‘22.

    However, what most students do not realize is that the software is put in place to make sure students are on track; it is a tool to help, not hinder, student success.