The Collapse of Key Club | 2019

Key Club Collapse

Phoebe Baldwin ‘20, Staff Writer

Key Club Update

    Key Club is an organization where students help the community. Breakfast with Santa and the Easter Egg Hunt are just two of their popular events.

    Unfortunately, the club has collapsed over the 2018-2019 school year. Meetings have been cancelled, events that the Key Club is known for hosting have not been planned and members are dropping out.

    After Mrs. Barnett, the Key Club advisor, took maternity leave, Ms. Fico took on the temporary role but now there is currently no advisor to oversee the club.

    This club means a lot to many people, especially the club officers.

    “This club is very important to me and I’m upset that Key Club is not doing well,” says Jayde Eggert ‘20, the current Key Club treasurer.

    The officers are struggling with their current situation.

     Kaela Herzog ‘21, the current Key Club editor, loves being a part of Key Club.

     “I think it is imperative to give back to your community. Currently, Key Club is not able to achieve its goals,” Herzog explained.

    Key Club president, Vesa Islami ‘20,  believes that due to the timing and absence of a mentor to supervise, the club is unable to hold meetings but hopes a staff or faculty member will take the reign and rebuild this important club.