Career Day | 2019


Photo Credit: Dr. Carver via Twitter

Career Day Success

Nicole Bagala‘ 20, Samantha Bresmon ‘20 and Megan Mills ‘20

Journalism Students


   On April 3, the junior class participated in the highly anticipated Career Day, where various presenters shared their career experience and knowledge with students.

    Over 30 individuals involved in law enforcement, nursing, waste management, social work, education and more presented during three 30-minute sessions.

    “It offers students the opportunity to start exploring careers before they have to make concrete decisions about what colleges…or programs they want to study,” explained Mrs. Conley, BHS’ College and Career specialist.

    Junior Sophia Anastasakis attended the journalism presentation of Julia Perkins from the “News Times.”

    “It was really helpful to hear from someone who has experience in that field,” Anastasakis explained, also adding that she hopes to pursue a career in the journalism field.

    Another student, Ray Conway ‘20 was excited to attend author Melanie Barnum’s session.

    “I got to learn tactics about intriguing readers, creating suspense and getting to the point in a story,” said Conway ‘20.

    Hopefully this exposure to the many different career paths available to students will help them find their passion.