STEM Expo to be Held on April 8

Matt Srolis ‘ 20, Dylan DiSalvo & Brian Germinaro ‘20

Journalism Students

    It’s once again time for the annual STEAM Expo. Students enrolled in Bethel’s digital science classes, such as digital chemistry and physics, will be displaying their well-developed projects for all to see on Monday, April 8 from 6 to 8 p.m.

    Projects on display will demonstrate how students can apply the scientific principles they learn within the classroom to real life problems that we face today.

    “It’s a way to educate people about different issues,” explained Erin Lowenadler 21’.

    Lowenadler’s project focuses on dangerous water. Her process involves purifying water by placing it in clay pots, then adding sawdust, silver nitrate and charcoal. This process purifies the water by removing several harmful elements, such as lead.

    In the past, groups took on the energy crisis by creating a flashlight that was powered by body heat.

    However, the STEAM Expo is not only solving problems but also for innovations and inquiry.  One group made a new type of glasses that are so powerful they can see colors clearly in the dark.

    “The BPS STEAM Expo provides students and local organizations with the opportunity to showcase projects, initiatives, products and educational experiences that center around the district’s STEAM initiative. The expo includes students and faculty representing grades K-12 and demonstrates the vertical movement of STEAM-based skills across the grade levels. It also includes and showcases community organizations that embrace the STEAM focus,” explained Ms. Wismar, Library Media Specialist.

    The STEAM Expo gives students the opportunity to apply science to real life problems, coupled with the chance to work collaboratively in groups. Preparation for the STEM Expo also provides students with valuable research skills and the ability to find an expert on a certain issue and interview them.