NJROTC Sailing Trip! | 2019

NJROTC Sailing Trip! | 2019

Jennifer Pires ‘22

Staff Writer 


     On Monday, Sept. 16, 41 NS2 cadets of the NJROTC along with Commander Dwinells traveled to Stamford, Conn., to go sailing, fishing and canoeing. The opportunity was made possible with the help of Commander and the Soundwater Organization. 

     For weeks, the sophomore class in ROTC learned the fundamentals of sailing, including: learning the parts of the sail, learning the rules and learning how to actually sail. After weeks of practice the students put their knowledge to the test. 

     “I’ve learned the rules of the road and the parts of the boat,” explained Simran Sidhu 22’. 

     The NS2’s got the full experience of sailing, as they were able to control and use the information they learned to sail on the small boats on Holy Pond in Stamford. 

     “I liked the first hand experience of sailing for the first time,” explained Melany Villvicencio 22’. 

     This is an annual NJROTC event that allows cadets to have a new and fun experience. 

     “Sailing reinforces thinking in three dimensions, having spatial awareness and geometry skills,” explained Commander Dwinells.

     This trip is fun but it also allows the cadets to learn real world skills in the process.