Spirit Week | 2019


Nicole Bagala ‘20

Staff Writer

Spirit Week Review 


    Last week, students, faculty and staff  dressed as superheros, rocked red white and blue for America Day, supported various charities, got creative on character day and showed their school spirit in maroon and white at the pep rally in celebration of the esteemed Spirit Week. 

     The BHS Student Government began planning Spirit Week 2019 last spring. They discussed various ideas until they agreed on the five themed days. 

     “Spirit Week is important because it promotes school spirit and brings all the students together as one united student body,” said Senior Co-President Joe Bagala ‘20. “I’m glad we have it every year.”

     What makes Spirit Week so much fun is the competition between grades that ultimately determines which grade shall claim the Homecoming Cup. During lunch waves, students who dressed up were encouraged to go down to the cafeteria and showcase their participation each day. 

    On Charity Day, a tradition that began just a few years ago and replaced “class color day,” each grade purchased a t-shirt to help support a specific charity. Freshmen supported The Sandy Hook Promise, sophomores supported the Scotty Fund, juniors supported Ben’s Bells,  seniors supported MLD and faculty and staff supported Bethel Social Services. 

     The week ended with a pep rally held outside on the football field where all four grades competed in an array of activities, including: tug-of-war, water balloon toss, a cake eating contest and a screaming contest. 

     The cake eating competition was introduced this year, where 10 members from each grade had two minutes to eat an entire Costco cake. Forks were provided but all grades decided to dive in with their hands, sending cake and frosting everywhere. 

     The freshman took the win in that event. 

     During the tug-of-war, the juniors first crushed the freshman, then beat the seniors and the teachers. 

     The Class of 2020 seized victory last year but this year the class of 2021 stole the title, claiming 600 points, just 100 more than the seniors. 

     “It was just awesome. I worked so hard preparing costumes every morning and I am just so stoked to be a winner,” said Kaitlyn Mattera ‘21. 

     While the juniors left school in celebration mode, the seniors left feeling defeated but still showing their Bethel Pride and good sportsmanship. 

     “I now know how the senior class felt last year when they lost. It was a good game. We fought hard but they fought harder,” said Jacob Sabbagh ‘20.