Check Out the Teen Center | 2019

Nicole Bagala ‘20


Proaccess at a Glance 

Proaccess, otherwise known as the Teen Center, is a place where teens in grades 7-12 grade can hang out with their friends. It is located at the back of the municipal center in downtown Bethel and has been in business since 2007. The teen center is a safe place for kids to go to in order to enjoy fun activities. Many teens enjoy spending time there, as it is very community orientated and it is judgement free. 

The establishment is run by Director Claudia Fortunato after the former director, Hilda Delucia, left the establishment in 2016.

“My favorite part about Proaccess is watching the kids grow into young adults,” says Fortunato. “The shy kids that wouldn’t say hello now come in with all the confidence in the world and are teaching the younger ones all about Proaccess.”

Proaccess offers many activities for teenagers to participate in. Inside the building, teens  can play pool, board/video games, ping pong, air hockey and foosball, or go on field trips such as the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce. They also go to play laser tag, go bowling and participate in an escape room during their annual “Lock Out.”

 Proaccess also encourages community service, and has helped raise money for Ben’s Bells, Relay For Life, and the Michael J Fox Foundation.  Teens can also partake in house programs like Farm the Table, Baking, Knitting Clubs, Sewing, LBGTQ group, and Proaccess’ book club. Whatever suits your interests, Proaccess has something for everyone!

“I like the Teen Center because it’s a place for students grades 7-12 to go hang out,” says Griffin Lawlor ‘21. “It’s a safe place for children to be who they are, learn, make new friends and have a good time.”

Stop by Proaccess some time and check it out!