Radium Girls Student Review | 2019


Lara Cruzado ‘23

Staff Writer

“Radium Girls” Theater Review

Last month, Bethel High School put on its fall drama, “Radium Girls,” based on the true story of dial painters who came in contact with radium poisoning. “Radium Girls” takes  place in 1926, in Orange, New Jersey and is the story of the radium crisis told through the perspectives of Grace Fryer (Jenny Wool ‘21), her family, including her fiance Tommy (Riley Finn ‘22), Mrs. Fryer (Minh Nguyen ‘20) and her fellow dial painters Kathryn Schaub (Madeline Olexy ‘20) and Irene Rudolph (Diana Eileen Toland Matos ‘20). 

During an intense courtroom scene, the dial painters battle Arthur Roeder (Jack Boucher ‘22) the President of the US. Radium Corporation and his associates, Ms. Lee (Minh Nguyen ‘20), Edward Markley & Ms. McNeil (Jessica Olexy ‘21), Dr. Von Sochocky (Lara Cruzado ‘23) and Dr. Flinn (Maddy Greenfield ‘23). 

Defending the girls in court are Mrs. Wiley (Allison Mele ‘22) and Raymond Berry (Riley Finn ‘22). The play was narrated by the news savy Sob Sister (Jessica Olexy ‘21) and Jack Youngwod (Emma Welsh ‘21) who brought life to this story of death and tragedy. 

With a cast of nine actors and over 30 roles, the students worked really hard with countless rehearsals and many last minute changes to perform a beautiful tale of hope, death and justice. 

“This play was a spectacular display of the historical event and left me in tears,” explained audience member Libby Resendes ‘23.

Each performance was filled with raw talent scene after scene. This production, with it’s historically accurate costumes, spellbinding talent and skilled crew scores a proud 5/5 stars, and would definitely be recommended to all in my book! If you missed a performance of Radium Girls I definitely recommend watching it on BEtv. Brava & best of wishes to the cast and crew of Radium Girls!