New Semester, New Chances | 2020

New Semester, New Chances | 2020

Alex Chimbo ‘23

Staff Writer


        The first semester has just ended and midterm exam scores have just been calculated into your average. Some may be happy with their grades, while others believe they could have done better. If you are one of those people who wants to improve themselves for the second half of the year then I have some tips to make sure you’re on track to be being successful in semester two. 

Set Goals: 

     Setting goals is a great way to start becoming successful. Set goals for tests, such as writing down the score you want to get. Look at that score every day and let it motivate you. Or maybe you want to set a goal that you want to turn in homework on time. Write it down, use your agenda book and get to it. Setting goals will definitely improve what you get done in school and put you on the path to becoming a successful student. 

Plan out the Week: 

     Perhaps you have a lot of homework assignments one week and you need to finish them all within a certain time frame; well then planning out the week can help. Doing your English homework on Monday and doing a little of History and Science the next day will lessen the amount of time you spend working each night and it will decrease the stress you feel. If your teacher provides a syllabus, use it to get ahead on work. Planning out your week can help you stay on track; use your agenda book, Google Calendar or your phone – just make sure you plan and use your time wisely. 


     We are all familiar with the practice known as studying, but it is a really good habit to get into. Studying old homework assignments or tests makes you become more familiar with the topic. Getting into a good study habit is something anybody can do to become more successful.  Studying for an hour or two at home can change your grade very quickly. 

Ask for help: 

If you are struggling in any of your classes, ask for help! Your teachers are more than willing to clarify assignments or to review class material with you. Find out their office hours, or just send them an e-mail if you have a question on an assignment. Not only will getting extra help benefit you, but it teaches you to self-advocate for yourself!