NHS Update

By: Molly Fern ’23

     The National Honor Society was established in 1921; it is an organization that has a chapter at Bethel High School and other high schools across the country.  

     Here at BHS, the National Honor Society plans events, runs the induction and strives to maintain excellence within our school’s chapter. 

     “Each member of the society is responsible for maintaining their high level of academic standing, participating in community service, and remaining a positive role model within the community,” explained Grace Woleck ‘21, the President of Bethel’s National Honors Society. 

     Members participate in service projects and are encouraged to demonstrate leadership both in and out of school. 

     “As a member, I go to meetings and participate in the community that is so important to our organization.  I am a part of the Drives Committee which is the subgroup that organizes charity drives,” explained NHS member Johanna Speck ‘21.

     Each year the National Honor Society inducts a new group of students. Juniors and seniors are eligible to apply and must show that they possess the four key components of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and character.   

      Ms. Burke is in charge of NHS for Bethel High School. Woleck explained that she works closely with Ms. Burke and the other executive board members to ensure the society runs smoothly, despite the current challenges. 

      Due to COVID-19, this year’s induction will be held in the spring.