Final Decisions Made on End of the Year Events 

By: Erin Lowenadler ‘21


 After a long and unforgettable school year filled with mute buttons and slow wifi, Bethel High School is excited to announce all of the fun activities in store for the graduating seniors of 2021.

     A few months ago, Bethel’s activity director, Ms. Denise Musser, Principal Christopher Troetti, the Board of Education and the Health Department came to a final decision, listing all of the regulations for each event the seniors can attend. 

     Typically, seniors are offered: a  prom, post-prom, a class trip to Holiday Hills, a class night and graduation. Due to COVID-19 disrupting our normal traditions,  the seniors will still get an opportunity to celebrate, but in a COVID-friendly way.

     “We are thrilled that the seniors will be able to experience all the things that they look forward to at the end of their senior year; including: the senior trip, class night, senior prom and a graduation ceremony,” Musser said. 

     Prom planning caused stress and controversy because it is being held on June 12 at the Amber Room, a venue seniors feel is too consistently used for Bethel events.    

     The venue conflict was resolved after a brief senior meeting. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are capacity limits that need to be respected, therefore, a local outdoor venue was the best option. 

     For the last four years, the Class of 2021 has saved enough money for nice decorations and other special touches.

     Junior Prom will also be held at the Amber Room on May 20. 

      This year, Class Night will be on June 3 in the senior parking lot. Seniors will arrive at 6 p.m., receive their yearbooks, eat from a variety of food trucks, socialize with their classmates for one final night, and meet up with their parents to view the video yearbook. It will surely be an emotional, but worthwhile night. 

     Most importantly, Ms. Musser, alongside the administration and the Senior Class Officers, worked diligently to put together a memorable graduation ceremony for the students on June 22 at 6 p.m. on the football field at Bethel High School.

     Principal Troetti is especially excited about this event.

     “Graduation is the event I am most excited about.  It will be the first time in 22 years a graduating class will receive their diplomas on DeSantis field,” Troetti said.

     Seniors are also pleased with the events planned and the location of their graduation.

     “Even though the prom situation isn’t what anyone really wanted, I think everything else makes up for it,” said Val Fernandes ‘21. 

     Fernandes also mentioned that having graduation at the O’Neill Center at WCSU is always crowded and likes the idea of being outside.

     “And it’ll be on the football field right outside the high school so it’s like a proper goodbye,” said Fernandes ‘21.

     As the end of the school year approaches the seniors are beginning to experience ‘senioritis.’ To encourage a strong finish, a Senior Spirit Week will be held the week of May 3.

     The days are as follows: Decision day, Red day, Dress like your future self day, Spirit Day and Beach day.

     Students appreciate the idea of a “seniors only” spirit week to honor their class and all they’ve been through together.

     “You guys really tried to plan the best for our senior year with the limitations with COVID-19,” said Fernandes ‘21.

     While the school year was not ideal, seniors are highly anticipating the end of the year events. 

Mark your calendars because time is flying by and the Class of 2021 will be turning their tassels on DeSantis Field before we know it.