New Creating Writing Club Offered at BHS

By: Christina Nguyen ‘25

Junior Olivia Cantadori recently formed the Creative Writing club as part of her Capstone project,  focusing on meeting, sharing and bonding with others who have an interest in writing. The club’s goal is to create a supportive environment and community focused on creating literature pieces. Their club is open to all students and all school-appropriate genres of literature are supported. 

Cantadori specifically enjoys writing the genres of poetry and realistic fiction. 

Cantadori wanted to share her love for writing with other students and was inspired by the idea of creating the Creative Writing club.

 “I wanted to make a Creative Writing club because it’s something that I enjoy and I feel that it could be beneficial for students to have a place to talk about their writing,” Cantadori added. 

The Creative Writing club advisor is Mrs. Lynch, who also teaches the Creative Writing class. The current plan for the Creative Writing Club is to meet on available A days.  When they meet the members usually generate prompts to write from and share their work at the end of the period. They also talk about their favorite books and hope to be able to discuss more elements of writing later in the year. 

“It’s a way for people to get feedback, try new ideas, and challenge themselves while meeting people with similar interests,” Cantardori said.