Art Show Highlights Talent

By: Brooke Lohle ’23

The art show was recently held in the high school, throughout the art wing and parts of the main hallway. Artists from all classes got the chance to exhibit work, from paintings to sculptures and each piece had its own unique flair that made the artists’ styles clear. 

The art show’s setup was a long process that involved many people. Different art classes and members of the Art Honors Society worked overtime to mount art, hang it up on walls, organize as well as label each art piece. A lot of time and effort was put into it and it shows in the professionalism and wide variety of works that the show presents.

Many students, both artists and non-artists, enjoyed seeing the art displayed around the school.

 “There were a lot of good creative works out, and it’s good to see the work that the art department has been putting in throughout the year,” said Olivia Cantadori ’23. 

The art show combines pieces from both the first and second semester, so it truly is representative of all the dedication student artists have put into creating art for others to enjoy. It can also be heartwarming to see what kinds of pieces fellow BHS artists are making and can be a motivator and source of inspiration for those who plan to explore more creative fields in the future. 

“The art show was inspirational for me as someone who wants to be an animator and it displays the diverse talent in the BHS art community,” said Grace Dias ’23. 

Overall, the high school’s art show showed the artistic sense that our students have.

Art is a hallmark of any culture and it’s no different on a scale as small as a school. This year’s art show showed a great amount of style and skill and the level of quality will no doubt be the same in future years.