Yoga Mural Currently in Progress

Olivia Cantadori ‘23

     A new mural is being painted in the Yoga Room. The mural will likely cover two walls of the space. While the design and color schemes vary from wall to wall, the general theme will feature figures in yoga poses with a focus on abstract art. The mural began in mid-April and the projected end date is the end of next year. 

     The central design will be an orange wall with a figure sitting crisscrossed with a white flower background. This will sit behind the instructor’s mat, at the head of the classroom. The other wall will feature figures over a blue background. A smaller section of the far-right wall will also be painted with a black background behind a figure doing a headstand and another in a plank position. 

     Since the class focuses on relaxation and introspection, the mural is painted with the hopes that it will help students feel more grounded. 

     “The theme of the overall design is to bring a sense of peace and motivation,” Yoga teacher, Mrs. Kaye said. The abstract style in which the figures will be painted is meant to bring to mind the imperfect nature of yoga practices.  

     Like other images that have been or are being painted in the school, this new mural is intended to encourage students to be actively engaged with their classes and activities. 

     “The murals would make the environment more yoga focused, which might impact the student’s experiences,” said Zoey Zheng ‘23, one of the mural painters. 

     With the new mural and images being put on display, students may feel more connected and concentrated on the yoga practice. 

     “More yoga artistry that represents the feel of yoga and the mood of yoga may certainly help students attain the mindset of a yogi,” Mrs. Kaye pointed out.