Senior Student Re-Paints Vandalized Mural


By: Jocelyn Alesio ’24

    There’s one common theme students and staff notice as they roam the halls of BHS — the murals. In each staircase and in many hallways, a wide variety of meaningful murals have been painted to create joy around the school. 

     Some murals were created as part of a Capstone project, and others were just teacher-directed activities. 

     As part of her Senior Capstone project, Grace Dias ‘23 took it upon herself to repaint a much-loved pride mural that unfortunately was ruined by students picking at the paint.

“LOVE promotes values of listening, observing, valuing and embracing everyone,” Dias said. She further explained she was disheartened by the fact that the original mural was ruined by students peeling the paint. 

     “By doing this mural I hope to demonstrate that BHS cares for everyone regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation and that school should be a place where one can feel safe and secure,” Dias added. 

     The mural features the word LOVE surrounded by flags representing the LGBTQ+ community. 

     “I love the message behind it and I love the persistence with the repainting as well. I think it really shows how our community can bond together,” said Sierra Tibbitts ‘24.