Kindness Week to Run February 13-17

Kindness Week to Run February 13-17

By: Nushreth Bhuiyan ’24 

    It is that exciting time of year again! You guessed it, Kindness Week! At Bethel High School, the community comes together every February for a week of events to celebrate kindness. This year, the theme is: “Be Kind to Your Mind.”

     Taking note of mental health awareness, BHS has an opportunity to acknowledge the importance of having good mental health. 

     On Monday, February 13, the week starts off with “Mindful Monday” and during Wildcat time, students will take part in a lesson about mindfulness. On “Tuned-In Tuesday” students, faculty and staff are asked to pause and breathe during their classes. They can also visit the LLC’s calm room. On “Wellness Wednesday,” students will have the opportunity to participate in a wellness-themed activity, such as coloring activities, reading and even Yoga! Students must sign up for a session of their choice on Adaptive Scheduler. On “Thoughtful Thursday,” students will have the chance to send a note of recognition to a BHS community member during lunch waves. And finally, to end the week off, the annual Kindness assembly will be held on Friday where students, faculty and staff can wear the Bethel Kindness T-shirt. 

     It is time to show kindness and collaborate with the Bethel Community to spread love. 

     There will also be Penny Wars by the cafeteria and crafts in the LLC. A collection for Bethel Social Services and Foodbank will also run Monday-Thursday. 

      “[Almost] 400 of the shirts [have been sold] with over $2000 going towards Sandy Hook Promise’s support of mental health education initiatives in schools,” said Media Specialist Mrs. Wismar. 

It is now time to come together as a community to honor a beautiful tradition and realize that the mental health of students is crucial to ensuring their success.

“Kindness weeks allows students to discover coping mechanisms when dealing with their mental health,” said Ella Egan 23’.