New English Elective Added

By: Nushreth Bhuiyan ’24

While many new classes are coming in the 2023-24 school year, one of the most creative additions is the Literary Art Publications. With no prerequisites, this class is open to all students.

     According to the Program of Studies, this course “introduces students to the publishing process. Students will generate and compile original content, both written and visual, curate submissions, complete digital and image editing, design pages for publication, and use a final, collaborative edit in the publishing of large-scale work. Using a workflow system in conjunction with Adobe In Design and Photoshop, advanced collaboration skills and strong student leadership contribute to a final literary art product that showcases student work, intended for a larger audience to enjoy.”

     This class was previously known as Mirage, a club noted for its annual publication of pieces of literature or art submitted by students. Students who have an artistic passion now have a chance to create their work on various platforms such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. 

     “There will be more of an emphasis on learning editing techniques/genres of writing as well as getting a more thorough understanding of InDesign,” said Claire Hess 24’. This class gets students familiar with such platforms and allows them to explore their passions.

     “This is an exciting new class, which will hopefully be taught by an English and Art teacher. This class is for kids who are interested in editing software and have a creative mind,” explained Ms. Burke. 

     The course is semester-long and can count as a humanities or technology credit. 

     “The main reason behind switching to a class rather than a club is because it is easier to manage when it runs during the school day,” said Jillian Thelen 24’. 

     This class is an exciting new opportunity, but will only run if enough students enroll!