New Mural in the Business Department Wing


by: Olivia Cantadori

     In the past couple of years, the school has seen a surge of murals being painted throughout its rooms and hallways. An avid contributor to the school’s new artwork, senior Brooke Lohle, has started her most recent project in front of the Personal Finance room, adding another pop of color to the BHS hallways. 

     The mural is going to be a stylized image of the Brooklyn Bridge, in colors of mostly copper and muted green. Lohle collaborated with Applied Studies teacher Mrs. Black to come up with the idea and placement. 

     “Mrs. Black said that she wanted something related to business and for me, the first thing that comes to mind is New York City,” Lohle said. “NYC is one of the centers of business in America and its industrial vibe is synonymous with living it up in the high life.” 

     Connected to the department’s focus, the mural brings attention to the possibilities and themes of opportunity that are often attributed to the business profession. 

     “We were hoping to capture business in a dynamic light, ” said Mrs. Black. “The mural reflects the interaction between industry and community, including architecture, design, jobs and living situations.”

     As she works on the new mural, Lohle draws from her previous experience painting murals throughout the school. Last year, she completed the stained glass landscape in the middle of the Math Wing with her friend Zoey Zheng ‘23. At the beginning of this year, she completed several historical portraits for the corner of the History Wing as her Capstone project. 

     Outside of school, Lohle experiments with many mediums and acts as the co-president of the National Art Honors Society. She posts samples of her artwork on her Instagram account @ichor.ii. 

     Despite the attention her artwork has received, Lohle has different plans for the future. 

     “To be honest, I’m not really planning on making art my career, I’m planning on keeping it as a hobby, ” Lohle said. “I want to get into environmental studies because I am really passionate about wildlife rescue and conservation efforts.” 

     Lohle and Mrs. Black hope that this next mural will help add color to the hallway and draw attention to all that the department has to offer its students. 

     “We were looking for a fresh perspective. The hallway is like a path into our business classes,” said Mrs. Black. “We are grateful for Brooke’s vision and work and very much look forward to the finished piece.”