NHS Tutoring Subcommittee

By: Brooke Lohle ’23

     As the second semester begins, many students are looking to ensure that their school year ends on a high note. Luckily, the National Honors Society has a solution– a brand-new, all-encompassing tutoring committee.

     The tutoring committee is run by  Elizabeth Lombardi ‘24 and Suhani Kashyap ‘23 who will assign students to the appropriate tutor. 

     The tutor is chosen based on whether they “focus on the subject that the student needs tutoring in,” said Max Allen ’23, the chapter president of NHS. This allows students to get consistent help from a knowledgeable person who genuinely cares about the target subject. Once paired together, they can tutor during Wildcat Time or outside of school if need be.

     “[The NHS committee] offers the ability to essentially switch between tutors if need be,” said Allen. “The NHS is much more vast [than other honors societies], and includes tutors from every subject, so students have more variety in picking their tutors.” Instead of needing to go to different rooms or find help on different days, a student can go to a single area to get help for all their academic needs, and have the luxury of choosing the tutors they find most appealing.

     Although the committee is still in the works, students have already expressed interest in its benefits.

     This new committee will be a huge asset to students who need some extra help. 

“[The subcommittee] is a wonderful opportunity to help our peers in their academics. It gives them a support system to succeed in their academics,” said Suhani Kashyap ‘23, a member of NHS and the subcommittee senior advisor.

 Both students and future tutors alike seem to have high hopes for this new opportunity.  Once the tutoring committee is finalized, it can become a fixture in the school’s academic culture– helping both the NHS members who need service hours and students who hope to improve their grades. Updates on the status and location of tutoring opportunities will be posted by the National Honors Society.